8 beautiful photos of Gigi Matthews wearing yoga pants and a sweater

Honestly, I just love natural beauty. Nothing turns me off more than a girl plastered in make-up and who obviously spends hours “getting herself ready”. Gigi Matthews isĀ  the total opposite of such shallow, self centered women. Gigi is 100% natural, all the time, what you see is what you get. She doesn’t need to do anything apart from be her happy self. There’s nothing and I mean nothing more I’d like to do more than indulge in a filthy sex chat with Gigi.

In these totally in-formal photos taken from the Zishy website she’s dressed in her everyday comfy clothes. Black yoga pants which show off the form of her ass and her pussy perfectly and a loose sweater that you can just make out her breasts and erect nipple through the tiny holes. No, she isn’t wearing a bra nor did she for the whole shoot.

“Holy smoke. This right here is the perfect representation of what I love about this site. Gigi is a delightful, unique beauty, leaving exactly the right amount to the imagination. Nicely done, both of you. “

Just look at the form of that curvy ass though?
I love seeing a pierced naval.
Wha, no panties on underneath her leggings either! This is my dream girl for sure.
Such a pretty smile too!
If you want to see her work these rings you need to become a member!
Tut tut, how did she scrape her knuckles then?
So naughty, such a tease.

Photos from: Zishy

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